Our Vision

Freshborn Market is an online magazine that focuses on presenting quality products without a pretentious attitude. Our mission is to find reasonably priced, yet game-changing pieces that will inspire individuals to evolve their personal style.

When and why?

Freshborn Market went up in September 2010. The site was catalyzed by our desire to share cool things we find with our friends. The lifestyle we portray is a reflection of our own tastes in design and our aesthetic preferences. We believe we have an eye for what is cool and fresh and we hope others enjoy our selections for the site.

What will you find here?

Some of what we show you is on-trend. Some of what we show you may push you to expand your horizons a bit. Regardless of whether or not you like everything you see, we hope you find something during your visit that you haven’t seen before.


Some guys, one girl, and you – if you see something fresh that we haven’t written about yet, send us an e-mail at staff@freshbornmarket.com. We’re all about spreading the word on what’s out there, so let us know and we’ll throw you the credit.

The Future of Freshborn

Our online magazine is meant to get you interested in what we like, and to build trust in our taste. Our next step is to open up the market and spread the Freshborn lifestyle.

Freshborn Market
I didn’t just put banana peels on my heels and slip into this game, I was born into it.

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