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Karvt 100% Real Wood Skins for Apple fans

wood walnut karvt skin Karvt 100% Real Wood Skins for Apple fans

These are 100% real wood, and 100% sexy. Molded for a variety of devices, the skins for Macbook and iPad have one piece, however the iPhone 4 version comes with a front and back piece. Each piece is unibody, and it is, we repeat, real wood. Using real wood is going to give you two awesome features. First of all,  every single product is going to have a unique pattern. Second of all, you’re going to have a lot of creative freedom with this skin. The wood isn’t glazed over with vinyl, it’s raw. You can draw, paint, or carve it like any other piece of wood. And the final results are beautiful. There are 8 color choices for the iPad skin at $30, 9 choices for the iPhone 3G at $15, 18 color choices for the iPhone 4 at $25, and 11 color choices for the Macbook at$35.

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“Ensemble: The Style of Music” Posters

styleofmusic full 379x500 Ensemble: The Style of Music Posters

Take a look at these Ensemble: Style of Music posters by Moxy Creative House, the same guys who brought you the Framework poster we wrote about back in October.  This one features the iconic outfits of 20 different musicians. The 11.75″ by 15.5″ prints are available now for $30. You can find some of our favorites after the jump.


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Artist: JR

This is some of the cooler artwork we’ve seen in a while. JR, a photographer, was recently awarded the 2011 TED Prize for his incredibe gigantic photo-murals. TED sums his work up perfectly:

JR exhibits his photographs in the biggest art gallery on the planet. His work is presented freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not museum visitors. His work mixes Art and Action; it talks about commitment, freedom, identity and limit.

More art like this, please. Head to JR’s website to see more of his work.

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Nike Sportswear: Destroy to Create

Make sure you check out this new “Destroy to Crate” campaign from Nike Sportswear. We really dig what NSW has been doing lately, as you can tell from our recent posts on the ACG Lava Dunk and the Athletic Far East jackets and shirts.

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Goonies, Nintendo, and vintage photos: American artist Hollis Brown Thornton

hbt10 p054 Goonies, Nintendo, and vintage photos: American artist Hollis Brown Thornton

From old video game images to Chunk from the Goonies-Hollis Brown Thornton taps into some serious nostalgia with his erased photos and pigment transfer art. There’s no questioning Thornton’s talent, but what’s really impressive is his ability to make you feel like you’re pleasantly trespassing on some old memories.  It’s not just a matter of what or who he chooses to depict. The color choices and placement of empty space, which has the same eerie effect as Marty McFly’s vanishing family members in Back to the Future, are perfect. Even the subtle details-Indiana Jones scribled on a VHS tape or pixelated t-shirt logo-are very thoughtful. Check out our favorites in the gallery after the jump. Read More...

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New Logo Identities for Nickelodeon HD (UK)

Somewhere out there, Face is crying. For their new HD channel, Nickelodeon has teamed up with London-based design agency ManvsMachine to create a series of stunning logo identities. Read More...

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José Parlá for Incase

incase jose parla José Parlá for Incase

The eighth edition of the Incase Curated by Arkitip series will feature original artwork by José Parlá. His work is said to serve as a calligraphic record of the past, telling the story in a way that only a visual medium can. The Brooklyn artist’s work was previously featured alongside rapper T.I. on the August/September Style & Design issue of Complex Magazine. The capsule collection of Apple accessories will feature three distinct pieces of artwork from Parlá and will be available on November 16th.

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“The LightLine of Gotham”

The LightLine of Gotham is an extremely impressive three-and-a-half minute clip featuring a technique known as “Light Lining.” Light Lining is a technique of projection mapping 3D content — in this case, projection mapping 3D images onto a building. Be sure not to miss this one.

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Portuguese artist Luis Dourado

39 kennedy is dreaming Portuguese artist Luis Dourado

Above is a work called “John is Dreaming” from the “famous are dreaming” collection. Luis Dourado is a visionary. I first came across his digital collage series “into space” earlier this year. He’s so badass I actually said “holy shit” out loud when I was looking at his stuff. It was hard for me to edit down the works I’d show you guys in the gallery, because honestly everything is amazing. He’s only 26-years-old, and was  recently published in “Maps” by Mastodonte Editorial (AR), Monocromo Magazine (ME), Sleep City (US) or “Objects-Journal of the Applied Arts” (DE).


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X-Ray Art by Nick Veasey

Picture 14 622x500 X Ray Art by Nick Veasey

“I’m not that interested in using x-ray to shock, as too much art tries too hard to bludgeon a message home. Shock and gore is easy with x-ray. I like to create intrigue and beauty…. I expose things, open them up for inspection, or at least show them in another light. All my pieces do this, but when a cohesive and relevant emotion is transferred to someone you don’t know through the fusion of science and art, then, at that point, I’m a happy man.”Nick Veasey


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