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Best Boots for Winter 2010

Boots copy 525x500 Best Boots for Winter 2010

Put the ACG’s away and adopt some boots with class for the upcoming unholy bitch known as winter. We’ve compiled a short list of our favorite boots for Winter 2010. We’ve mentioned a few in previous posts, but here’s a compilation. Read on to see the boots and click the photos for more info on each one.


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Brands Who Support Music: Dr. Martens, Converse, and Levi’s

3up2 Brands Who Support Music: Dr. Martens, Converse, and Levi’s

In the past month, we’ve seen unprecedented collaborations between the worlds of music and clothing labels. While the two have always gone hand in hand, they have not necessarily worked together directly. Right now, Dr. Martens, Converse, and  Levi’s are doing just that. Levi’s first produced their Pioneer Sessions in June, with a dozen artists from multiple genres re-crafting classic tunes that inspired their own sound. Converse then announced the creation of Rubber Tracks, an all-inclusive recording studio that they will allow bands time to work in at no cost (but some conditions). Now, Dr. Martens have announced DM50, a series of 10 cult-classic tracks covered by 10 artists, to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Read on for more info on each unique project.


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American Style, Made in America

Madeinamerica1 500x500 American Style, Made in America

With our country just barely edging out of a recession, factories all around the midwest and the entire country are still shut down. American auto companies are but a shell of their former selves, and now represent the ideas of “government bailouts” and “corporate failures” more than the quality that the “Made in America” once stood for.

We are featuring these companies that have planted their roots deep in the fabric of American soil and that continue to make their products in America with the quality and craftsmanship that only American made products can hope to obtain. They are not made in sweat shops by 12-year-old Taiwanese boys, but by american craftsmen and artisans who have made it their trade to deliver American-made quality to you.  Filson, Raleigh Denim, Fox River Mills, and Quoddy Moccasins are just a few of these companies still 100% made in America and embodying the current American style above all others.

For a expanded list of quality American made products ranging form bikes to leather goods, check out A Continuous Lean’s The American List.

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Denim Under $80

Denim  Denim Under $80

It might not be the best but it’s pretty damn good especially when you consider the price. There’s no need to go into triple digits when buying a pair of jeans. While we all like to say that our “denim” is premium, raw, Japanese selvage that was worn by India’s untouchable class for two years to get that authentic fade, you can get a great pair of jeans for under $80.

We compiled some of our favorite picks here.

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George Lucas Continues Selling Out – Star Wars 3D, Adidas, Verizon

Han Chewie George Lucas Continues Selling Out   Star Wars 3D, Adidas, Verizon

Lucasfilm has made the decision to release all six films of the Star Wars saga (again!) in 3D. In the post-Avatar market, it’s become clear that 3D is a money maker. And if we’ve learned anything about Lucas, from the rereleases of the original trilogy, to forcing his fans endure the nonsense that was Jar Jar Binks, as well as the rerelease of the DVD box sets without “digital enhancements,” it’s that he is not afraid to suck on the money making tit, knowing fans of the series will follow along. Worst of all, the films will be released in chronological order, meaning we will have to get through first three episodes before getting to see the original trilogy in theaters. Though no one is forced to see them, enough is enough.

On top of selling the franchise right to Family Guy, the endless subpar video game titles, lego series, and other merchandise, his most recent marketing ploys are with Adidas and Verizon. First was the Star Wars x Adidas Originals vault, which features clothing and shoes inspired by nearly all characters and items of the Star Wars universe. Most recently though, Lucasfilm has teamed up with Verizon to create an R2D2-styled Droid phoneReally?

With this all being said we will probably be there with all the other Fanboys opening night. Damn you, George.

May the force be with us all.

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10 Beanies For Under $30

Hats 10 Beanies For Under $30
Everyone wants to look fresh this Fall/Winter. Here are 10 Beanies to give you that classic Jack look without breaking the bank. “Anyone interested in a stick of Juicy Fruit?”

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