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Professional: By Vita Brevis Films

A short video about being a professional at whatever you do and working hard to make something of your self. Craftsmanship in America isn’t dead yet.

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Trailer: “Battle: Los Angeles”

Gotta admit it, we’re suckers for this kind of movie. Unfortunately, they usually suck. Hopefully this one is a little less Skyline and a lot more District 9.

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Short Film: “Last Day Dream”

It’s only 42 seconds but this short film is pretty powerful. Written and directed by Chris Milk, the film was made for the 42 Second Dream Film Festival in Beijing, 2009. Enjoy.

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TRON: Legacy Daft Punk Cameo Trailer

Daft Punk Tron Cameo TRON: Legacy Daft Punk Cameo Trailer

The new TRON: Legacy trailer shows what will be Daft Punk’s cameo in the movie. Looks like Disney hooked them up some custom white gear. The trailer also doubles as a music video for Daft Punk’s “Derezzed,” which will be featured on the soundtrack. Check out the video after the break. The soundtrack can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.


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Kanye West’s “Runaway”

Kanye’s movie premiered last night on MTV, MTV2, and BET. Here it is in its entirety. The film tells the story of a “fallen phoenix” and features several tracks from the upcoming album.

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“Road’s Closed, Pizza Boy.” [The Fast & The Furious Charger]

fast furious charger rt 550x367 copy Roads Closed, Pizza Boy. [The Fast & The Furious Charger]

Don’t look now but Vin Diesel’s 1970 Charger RT from 2001′s The Fast & The Furious is for sale. Volo Auto Museum is asking a cool $130,000. If you pick it up you will be joining likes of Frankie Muniz in owning a piece of history from this rice burner classic. Hang on a second, you say? We know what your thinking. Wasn’t the driveshaft twisted and the car destroyed due to all that torque? Guess you’ll just have to buy it to find out — and remember, “no one likes the tuna here.”

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Movie Review: “The Social Network”

The Social Network Poster Short 21 6 10 kc 550x346 Movie Review: The Social Network

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet. First thing’s first: every character in The Social Network is a douchebag — Zuckerberg, Shaun Parker (Justin Timberlake), the president of Harvard. Everyone. While watching the film, you find yourself choosing sides in the douchebag-filled world of sarcasm and hilarity that Fincher and Sorkin have masterfully created.


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Trailer: “Wrecked”

Well, Adrien Brody’s nose is huge this looks pretty badass. Set for release in 2011, Wrecked features Adrien Brody playing a man who wakes up in a wrecked car in the woods. Brody has no memory of the events leading up to that point so he’s left to figure it out based on his findings: two dead fellow passengers and a bag full of money in the trunk.

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Kanye West to Debut Feature Film “Runaway” in Coming Weeks

Runaway Kanye West to Debut Feature Film Runaway in Coming Weeks

Kanye has been busy lately, to say the least. On top of his weekly G.O.O.D Friday tracks, new album, and live performances, it’s been announced that he his feature film Runaway will be dropping in the next few weeks. The London premiere took place last night, and it was shown in Paris the night before. A worldwide premiere is expected within the next two weeks.

According to Kanye, Runaway tells “the story of a phoenix fallen to Earth, and I make her my girlfriend, and people discriminate against her and eventually she has to burn herself alive and go back to her world.” He directed the film and plays the character “Griffin,” while fashion model Selita Ebanks plays the part of the pheonix. The film runs about 35-40 minutes, and West says that “around 90%” of the music in the film appears on his fifth album.

Kanye has said that he sees this as his modern day version of films such as Purple Rain, The Wall, and MJ’s Thriller.

See the full story at BBC.

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George Lucas Continues Selling Out – Star Wars 3D, Adidas, Verizon

Han Chewie George Lucas Continues Selling Out   Star Wars 3D, Adidas, Verizon

Lucasfilm has made the decision to release all six films of the Star Wars saga (again!) in 3D. In the post-Avatar market, it’s become clear that 3D is a money maker. And if we’ve learned anything about Lucas, from the rereleases of the original trilogy, to forcing his fans endure the nonsense that was Jar Jar Binks, as well as the rerelease of the DVD box sets without “digital enhancements,” it’s that he is not afraid to suck on the money making tit, knowing fans of the series will follow along. Worst of all, the films will be released in chronological order, meaning we will have to get through first three episodes before getting to see the original trilogy in theaters. Though no one is forced to see them, enough is enough.

On top of selling the franchise right to Family Guy, the endless subpar video game titles, lego series, and other merchandise, his most recent marketing ploys are with Adidas and Verizon. First was the Star Wars x Adidas Originals vault, which features clothing and shoes inspired by nearly all characters and items of the Star Wars universe. Most recently though, Lucasfilm has teamed up with Verizon to create an R2D2-styled Droid phoneReally?

With this all being said we will probably be there with all the other Fanboys opening night. Damn you, George.

May the force be with us all.

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