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Chemistry Surfboards: Custom Board Crafting

Chemistry Surfboards R&D from Chemistry Surfboards on Vimeo.

Chemistry Surfboards out of Oceanside, California just released this video of their production process. It’s a creatively filmed look at the development of their custom boards. The boards are hand-crafted and made to order right here in the United States. Check out the video, then browse their entire selection of boards and apparel at

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Way Back Home: Danny MacAskill

Check out this video of biker Danny MacAskill “traveling” from Edinburgh to Dunvegan. Oh… and did we mention that he does a couple tricks along the way?

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“Road’s Closed, Pizza Boy.” [The Fast & The Furious Charger]

fast furious charger rt 550x367 copy Roads Closed, Pizza Boy. [The Fast & The Furious Charger]

Don’t look now but Vin Diesel’s 1970 Charger RT from 2001′s The Fast & The Furious is for sale. Volo Auto Museum is asking a cool $130,000. If you pick it up you will be joining likes of Frankie Muniz in owning a piece of history from this rice burner classic. Hang on a second, you say? We know what your thinking. Wasn’t the driveshaft twisted and the car destroyed due to all that torque? Guess you’ll just have to buy it to find out — and remember, “no one likes the tuna here.”

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Isle of Man – For Men of Character

iom5 550x365 Isle of Man   For Men of Character

The Isle of Man is having its grand opening today, October 16th, between 11am and 5pm. This place is where Steve McQueen would go to buy a leather jacket had he succeeded in the barbwire fence jump of The Great Escape. The store, designed and owned by Brice Cooper and Arthur Holstein, is intended for “men of character” and this claim couldn’t ring more true. The store is adorned with stunning vintage Triumphs, classic motorcycle jackets, and WWII trunks. The entire place makes you wish you were  just a bit cooler. The Isle of Man is without a doubt one of the most unique and well put together mens stores out there. It not only sells a product, but successfuly creates and displays a culture that you want to be a part of. The rustic sophistication and attention to detail is truly a sight to behold.

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All Black Everything x 1963 BMW Motorcycle

BMW S2 0021 All Black Everything x 1963 BMW Motorcycle We can’t really tell you that much about it, as the designers are based out of Paris and the page only reads in French, but Blitz Custom Motorcycles has blacked out a 1963 BMW R60/2 and it feels good in all the right places. We just wish these guys were based out of America, but what can you do? Be sure to check out all of their other custom bikes; it’s some pretty impressive work.

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Royal Enfield Motor Bikes

bartlett bike Royal Enfield Motor BikesPersonally we’re tired of everyone thinking the only types of cool motorcycles out there are neon crotch rockets and hundred thousand dollar choppers (sure those are fine if you’re trying out for Biker Boyz 3 or to be one of the Tuttles). But how about a little class to go with all the testosterone that come with motorcycles? Royal Enfield produces some of the most timeless and classic bikes we have ever seen. Check out the new Military C5, an awesome military throw back.

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